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29 December

6:00am Extreme Engineering
7:00am World War II - The Complete History
8:00am World War II - The Complete History
9:00am Ice Pilots
10:00am Ice Pilots
11:00am Ice Pilots
12:00pm Ice Pilots
1:00pm Ice Pilots
2:00pm Ice Pilots
3:00pm Ice Pilots
4:00pm Ice Pilots
5:00pm Ice Pilots
Ice Pilots
As Devan heads up the valley on a food mail flight a strange rise in oil pressure threatens one of t... (read more)
Adam and Jamie investigate whether you use more petrol when driving in a rage? And what happens if y... (read more)

Explore the workings of a modern coalmine and meet the miners who undertake the dangerous and comple... (read more)
Ice Pilots
The rookie pilots face their toughest test when they fly with irascible boss Joe. And Mikey is in Ve... (read more)
How It's Made
Ever wondered how everyday items such as turbochargers, enchiladas and watches are made? Find out ho... (read more)
How It's Made
Ever wondered how everyday items such as decorative sombreros, salad dressings, cap guns and regener... (read more)
11:00pm Shark Rampage 1916
This gripping special reveals the true story behind the bloody shark attacks of 1916 that inspired t... (read more)
1:00am Ice Pilots
2:00am How It's Made
2:30am How It's Made
3:00am Born Survivor: Bear Grylls
3:50am Mythbusters
4:40am Mythbusters
5:30am Destroyed in Seconds
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