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28 December

6:00am Extreme Engineering
7:00am The First World War
8:00am The First World War
9:00am American Chopper
10:00am American Chopper
11:00am American Chopper
12:00pm American Chopper
1:00pm American Chopper
2:00pm American Chopper
3:00pm American Chopper
4:00pm American Chopper
5:00pm American Chopper
American Chopper
Paul Jr's decision to put Odie in charge of the Bling Star bike backfires when he doesn't meet the d... (read more)
The Mythbusters team tackles the tallest tale of all in 'Moon Landing Hoax Hour'. Did NASA pull off... (read more)

How It's Made
Ever wondered how everyday items such as whips, automatic pizza makers, incense cones and model jet... (read more)
How It's Made
Ever wondered how everyday items such as heather gems, instant film, beet sugar, electric roadsters... (read more)
American Chopper
Jr is stunned when his dad serves him with another lawsuit. And while rumours abound that the OCC HQ... (read more)
10:00pm Miracle on the Hudson
Just two minutes into the flight, disaster strikes US Airways flight 1549 and it is forced to land i... (read more)
11:00pm Inside Waco
A look at the Waco tragedy where, in 1993, the FBI lay siege to religious group the Branch Davidians... (read more)
1:00am American Chopper
2:00am Miracle on the Hudson
3:00am Born Survivor: Bear Grylls
3:50am Mythbusters
4:40am Mythbusters
5:30am Destroyed in Seconds
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