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23 December

6:00am How Do They Do It?
6:30am How Do They Do It?
7:00am How It's Made
7:30am How It's Made
8:00am Massive Speed
8:30am Massive Speed
9:00am Raging Planet
10:00am Clash of the Dinosaurs
11:00am How the Universe Works
12:00pm Ice Pilots
1:00pm Weaponology
2:00pm Greatest Tank Battles
3:00pm World War II - the Complete History
4:00pm Deadliest Catch
5:00pm Ice Pilots
The team put more urban myths to the test as they discover whether lead balloons can really fly. And... (read more)
Sceptical physicist fans have driven this remake of Jamie's famous Hyneman experiment where he measu... (read more)

8:00pm Wheeler Dealers - On the Road
Mike takes a chance on a 1981 Series III Stage 1 Land Rover without an MOT, and just hopes Edd can m... (read more)
9:00pm One Man Army
The contestants must battle through tunnels of mud, weave through a complex web of lasers and defuse... (read more)
10:00pm Spy Wars
An insightful look into the world of espionage. Exploring the tactics behind one historic murder mys... (read more)
Stan Lee's Superhumans
Ryothi is the ultimate climber and can scale walls with the agility of a monkey, Tom's abs can withs... (read more)
12:00am Born Survivor: Bear Grylls
1:00am One Man Army
2:00am Sons of Guns
2:30am Sons of Guns
3:00am Deadliest Catch
3:50am Clash of the Dinosaurs
4:40am How the Universe Works
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