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22 December

6:00am How Do They Do It?
6:30am How Do They Do It?
7:00am How It's Made
7:30am How It's Made
8:00am Massive Speed
8:30am Massive Speed
9:00am Raging Planet
10:00am Clash of the Dinosaurs
11:00am How the Universe Works
12:00pm American Chopper
1:00pm Weaponology
2:00pm Greatest Tank Battles
3:00pm World War II - the Complete History
4:00pm Deadliest Catch
5:00pm Ice Pilots
The Mythbusters take on 007 in this James Bond special. They are on a mission to explode the myths a... (read more)
Adam and Jamie kick off a bar brawl to test whether an empty beer bottle will inflict more damage th... (read more)

8:00pm Wheeler Dealers - On the Road
Mike is in Italy to pick up a Fiat but a hundred miles into his journey home the engine packs up. Wh... (read more)
Ice Pilots
As Devan heads up the valley on a food mail flight a strange rise in oil pressure threatens one of t... (read more)
How It's Made
Ever wondered how everyday items such as underwater robots, lasagne, band saws, ski and trekking pol... (read more)
How It's Made
Ever wondered how everyday items such as laminated wood beams, sport utility vehicles, veggie burger... (read more)
11:00pm Britain's Greatest Ships: Queen Elizabeth
Follow the building of the new Queen Elizabeth flagship. See how this 500 million ship compares to... (read more)
12:00am Born Survivor: Bear Grylls
1:00am Ice Pilots
2:00am How It's Made
2:30am How It's Made
3:00am Deadliest Catch
3:50am Clash of the Dinosaurs
4:40am How the Universe Works
5:30am Destroyed in Seconds
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