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  1. German schoolboy, 13, corrects NASA's asteroid figures:
  2. Internet addresses run out in three years
  3. Republican Congressmen miffed at Google
  4. BBC broadcasters can't handle cyber bullying
  5. Hacker tried to blackmail teacher
  6. RIAA sued homeless man
  7. Flat panel shortage to hit notebook shipments
  8. AOL planning to invade China
  9. Graphene one step closer to replacing silicon-
  10. India becoming too expensive for tech firms
  11. London council unimpressed with Microsoft MOU
  12. Olympics: Inq readers vote
  13. Albany beta box fails to threaten
  14. UK controls Internet security
  15. Paypal could ban unsafe browsers
  16. Internet prostitution ring busted
  17. Olympic Torch handed to WoW pros
  18. Social notworking to eradicate malaria
  19. Cheapskate Facebook asks users to translate for free
  20. Customer data 'needs protection'
  21. French courts clamp down on pro-anorexia sites
  22. Virtual Berlin wall for tourists
  23. Stephen Hawking says NASA should budget for interstellar travel
  24. FBI fears counterfeit Cisco gear
  25. Indian tea markets to go digital
  26. Report reckons 40 per cent of Europeans don't use the Internet
  27. Secret pact allows the US to spy on UK motorists
  28. Pro-starvation site lays it on thin
  29. USSR alive and well on the Internet
  30. Darth Vader 'drank 10 litres of wine'
  31. Intel makes a mish mash of the Internet
  32. The EU finally cops on to Cyber terrorism threat
  33. Millions Fall Victim to Mobile Phone Scams
  34. Thieves set up data supermarkets
  35. Cellphone localisation glitch turned deadly in Turkey
  36. Mobiles could fry your hands
  37. Indian mobile operator buys British WiMax firm
  38. Cheapo Iphone sells out
  39. Web infections spreading like butter
  40. Bill's billions dwindle in Q1c
  41. Orange UK struggle for new sales
  42. Hackers shut down Bank of Israel
  43. Europlod plan to share DNA and biometic data comes under fire
  44. PAYG Mobile Broadband available at Woolworths
  45. Hackers shut down Bank of Israel
  46. UK music Mafia threatens kiddies
  47. Military robot kills without compunction
  48. Bent Chinese handsets cause content headache
  49. Racist Le Pen flogs bullet-proof Peugeot on Ebay
  50. Indian government extends tax holiday for software companies
  51. Military gets magic gauntlet
  52. Print industry sunk by Internet
  53. UK crime spree at GTA IV midnight launch
  54. Hackers look to 'hardware viruses'
  55. Credit crunch could get worse, Bank of England warns
  56. Mobile broadband fails the speed test
  57. O2 chases broadband rivals with its new nationwide service·
  58. Toilet seats are cleaner than keyboards
  59. Italians' salaries posted for all to see
  60. Court rules against RIAA
  61. Graphic research points to market slippage
  62. DEC invented spam 30 years ago
  63. SAP slump blamed on US market
  64. RAF pilot crash-landed £69million fighter jet after 'forgetting to put the wheels down'
  65. Red-faced judge coughs up and says sorry
  66. Europe rules the internet
  67. Civil servant gets through porn like lightning
  68. Revenue employees love snooping through our data
  69. Google to team up with IBM again
  70. Yah*oo shares feel heat of investor anger over rejected Microsoft·
  71. Battery shortage to last months
  72. CCTV boom 'failing to cut crime'
  73. Drugs offender keeps £4.5m after 30 barristers refuse to take case.
  74. Don't die in January, it's too expensive: The callous council which charges more for funerals at times of 'peak demand'
  75. Wireless world is almost with us
  76. Microsoft's spends $280 million on an R&D facility in China
  77. Data fear haunts ID card scheme
  78. Gates signs ICE deal with car maker
  79. TorrentSpy ordered to pay the MPAA $110 million
  80. 3G phone unlocking made easy
  81. UK stores run out of Iphones
  82. Parents' evenings could be replaced by the Interweb
  83. Doom 4 on its way
  84. Social Notworking site for the dead
  85. Lie detectors extend their reach to social security helplines
  86. Not using Paypal is akin to buying heroin on the street
  87. Intel blasts into space
  88. Fastweb cuts losses
  89. MySpace misses as News Corp posts records
  90. Million dollar pirate collared
  91. Piracy is on the increase in Asia
  92. Spy in the sky banned in Europe
  93. Doctors fear wireless internet killers
  94. Xbox 360 Sales Hit 10 Million in US
  95. 'Hacker shuts down government computers'
  96. Spain Arrests 5 Suspects Accused of Hacking U.S. Government
  97. Microsoft mulls fresh Yahoo deal
  98. French court orders Windows refund
  99. Pirate Bay hits mainstream
  100. Scintillating SciFi Via ABS-1 Into Russia

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