Laur's Bizarre Corner

  1. Laur says hi to who ever comes here
  2. Blind man caught speeding keeps disability pension
  3. 170k for tiny 'depressing' flat
  4. Shop bans hoodie, 2
  5. TV ad monster gropes breast
  6. Season ticket gaffe
  7. Sci-fan builds flying saucer
  8. Fox goes shoe shopping
  9. Village blocks McDonald's
  10. Worst sound in the world revealed...
  11. Rent-a-mob
  12. Farmers show bottle to find love
  13. 10-year bet finally pays off
  14. Baby named John Lewis after shop birth
  15. Asbo for singing Gary Glitter hits
  16. Beer for dogs
  17. Man pulls car with ears
  18. Man to chuck 50,000 out of window
  19. Dutch Joker's ID card prank
  20. Man talks new wife into plastic surgery
  21. Burglar caught after leaving photo
  22. Gordon Brown 'officially sexy'
  23. Man, 87, told to show ID
  24. Dumped bride uses dog as groom
  25. Toddler thrown off plane after tantrum
  26. Cat and mouse case for cops
  27. Teacher photocopied child's face
  28. 'Robin Hood' nabbed
  29. Love park to open in Italy
  30. 2,500-year-old mirror dropped on TV
  31. Chris Evans buys jilted bride's dress
  32. Road campaigner crashes on new road
  33. Patient nips to loo and loses bed
  34. Cruel And Unusual Punishment:
  35. He Went That-a-way:
  36. Gold Plated Justice:
  37. Snow Job:
  38. Tattoo volunteer to earn his bacon (and eggs)
  39. 'You can't keep a good duck down'
  40. Man marries himself
  41. Pupils allowed to smoke - in a cage
  42. Queuing for success in Kazakhstan
  43. Cat and mouse become pals
  44. Woman gets 75,000 bank statements
  45. Fireman has surgery to look like Bruce Willis
  46. Ex-cop's portrait scares off burglars
  47. Husband's underpant tantrum destroys home
  48. Bride opts for green wedding
  49. Pulling pints for nearly 60 years
  50. Pink milk problem solved
  51. Number of love
  52. Sperm mix-up gaffe
  53. Man kept contact lenses in for a year
  54. Teacher loses job for making horror film
  55. Lawyer's drink-driving gaffe
  56. TV chef, 9, to write book
  57. Granny's tree is tasty find
  58. Nuns on the run
  59. Laundry woman cleans up at bookies
  60. Cat put on happy pills
  61. New road grit popular - with sheep
  62. Big Ballet bound for Britain
  63. Police taser naked student
  64. UK weight revealed!
  65. Dead pets into diamonds
  66. Man 'taught sons to drink and smoke'
  67. Golfer's nightmare
  68. Will 'Snooze'
  69. Man loses wife at poker
  70. World's youngest transexual, 12
  71. Church blasts g-strings
  72. Bring back wolves call
  73. Man to swin Amazon
  74. Thief caught by false teeth
  75. Search on for Miss Nuclear 2007
  76. Man breaks nails with teeth
  77. Mozart bounces back after losing penis
  78. TV cartoon sparks terror alert
  79. Hen adds up
  80. The Beauiful South - too similar
  81. Lottery double for couple
  82. Fat cat
  83. Mary Poppins baffled
  84. First hair wash for 26 years
  85. Bull sperm hair treatment
  86. Jag runs on apples
  87. Cat's six days in tree
  88. Rottweiler rears lambs
  89. The Last Laugh:
  90. The Public Be Damned
  91. Bank gives credit card to cat
  92. Soft porn for bus passengers
  93. Prison turns away escaped convict
  94. Postman caught with 10 tonnes of letters
  95. Zoo to cage humans
  96. Police probe underwear
  97. 'National Sickie Day'
  98. Jordan's wedding dress 'a classic'
  99. Mariah Carey fan banned from pub
  100. Woman addicted to anti-smoking aid

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