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05-02-2013, 21:42
0B00:3D58|TNK|TVP Sport
0B00:3D64|TNK|Discovery Channel Polska
0B00:12C7|TNK|TVP 1
0B00:12C8|TNK|TVP 2
0B00:1D2A|TNK|Disney Channel Polska
0B00:0005|TNK|Viva Polska
0B00:332F|TNK|TV 4
0B00:10D8|TNK|TVN 24
0B00:10D9|TNK|TVN Siedem
0B00:10DE|TNK|TVN Meteo
0B00:10DF|TNK|TVN Turbo
0B00:10E0|TNK|TVN Style
0B00:13F0|TNK|Kino Polska
0B00:13F6|TNK|TVP Info
0B00:3333|TNK|TV Biznes

This card:

TNK SD package is encrypted in Conax CAS5.
At the following link you can find logs:hxxp://
TNK SD Card have 4 Chid:
01000000-unactive card
01000001-small channel number
01000002-full pay channel(no fta)
01000003-full pay channel+fta

Chid 01000001 channel:
-TVP 1
-TVP 2
-TVN Siedem
-Viva Polska
-TV Biznes

1x EMMs - 1 month watch TV

Full packet/month-20Złotych(5Euro)
Small package is available by 12 months after the expiry of the full.

Sample EMMs TNK SD - 3 January:
82708B000000003BA17D70826510494A617122EB461F6FD0AEF623287C10 21E3372122CFA50EE8481E144D064FB675FFE92221DF954A72ABEBF705C8 5F22654401F27B07ADB69FCA2543CCB31A0F73039E909681DD213EC6C471 E6DCB462C465B911340940E52269EDBCEF517483366435EFBC6A50D58C1F 784949C67547AC631E39B3A08BBDC5B0E4DA041B760A

82708B000000003BA17D70826510872E0F9886BB62ED484E4FDEB67EE5B9 CE7A43077009B632B69CE3586D18414722ABCDFE8EFD910D5B130CB2ABEA A7BE8EFA6BB8E789A671EE7D334EE2206F93AD71AFE2B38FE933DA25C6A0 DFE75B6BB7D195FCADBBD234739C7A6531216816290E12C4460A27357402 C9675553E3F80C22B1C1968CBD11949DDECC9D70A22D

8270B4000000003BA17D70AB65109223A12A20BAE50A5407BB5C63A10EB2 E2262AB0293D455D199E83D15F3A4F472189EF2FA788D63587B2DD7B17AE 89189A4CF8D208E632B42BA2061A4ECCD88175B5AE6C2AD30BD2FC943E1A D5A374B7062C2A5EB088C75C5AC451DB3C87E094901F2E52227920D2473C EA941793D873704585B1229B4AB1849AEADA09316D2C261E1B36CDE6118F 43D03036EE6F58BD170D9476E3003ECDD101FD880FB315B3F9F8786A89A7 93D587

8270B4000000003BA17D70AB65100ACA5A8AB7E11E883D2A477B49757AFE 49861798A5C0059BA31AC03950271896278F94E270CCBAFE057A78C5E5FF 85BC5023F2177FE501A47B8EC13C2C3713B5025C1B4A168147A6EB803B02 0C5033AF1C2FA904FF532E5669C83D1DAFB029A32AD782CF826584C6BD45 A498C3D8B925FE8853C354B3B9F46DA5A926244121C058AC982C81CA2E12 ABDA84D0DB732198B2EF86C79AD6FE4B01E7D990B64F2202A307A7A48A6B 33B04B

000000003BA17D - is group card

05-02-2013, 22:57
Conaxa 1.1 is tool to upload EMM to card.

06-02-2013, 05:42
Can open channels with Conax keys?

06-02-2013, 15:03
No, can't. Haven't keys.
You can block EMMs(blocker) - then pay channels will be active until the 10th day of the month without paying for them.

06-02-2013, 15:04
not with keys!

you need that card Telewizja na karta original one!

and with that things xjustinx posted you can "MOSC" that card!

you can change the entitlements-date with them!

so that you watch free for the next month!

then next month same procedure again!

06-02-2013, 15:12
1 x EMMs - 1 month watching TV(all pay chid)
I don't a pay, watch small number of channels(Chid 01000001).

06-02-2013, 15:50

I have small packet channels, I have DVB-T(many of the same channels).

07-02-2013, 07:38

I have small packet channels, I have DVB-T(many of the same channels).

Is chances, that get keys? :)

07-02-2013, 22:23
The keys are included in the Emms.
Emms will be decoded, will be keys.
It is difficult to assess the likely.
Analyze and again analyze the Emms can keys.

Emms extracting of bin file:
Unpacked:Konwerter logów Conax z bin do txt.7z
Read card CONAXA 1.1
Open "CONAXA" folder
Open "Info" folder
Open ".txt" file
Open "Konwerter logów Conax z bin do txt" folder
Open konwerter.ini
Copy ".txt" file Numer seryjny karty(8 characters from the end of)
Paste UA konwerter.ini
Copy ".txt" file Grupa karty(8 characters from the end of)
Paste SA konwerter.ini
Run Konwerter logów Conax z bin do txt.exe
Open file bin
Save to file txt
It's on the bottom is EMMs of the card.
Copy EMMs and paste window "Wyślij ins".
Set the com port.
Press button "Otwórz port".
Press button "Wyślij".

07-02-2013, 23:00
Unpacked archive - 7-zip.

10-02-2013, 08:01
CONAXA 1.1 is Polish and English.
Logs TNK variants:
-82708B SA number 70826510 other
-827082 SA number 70796410 other
-8270B4 SA number 70AB6500 other(3 variant - migrate(Smart HD-CAID 0B01))

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