DM800 HD Tuner problem or what?

14-01-2013, 12:19
I have DH800 HD clone 3 years ago. It had Gemini 5.1
due to bootloader problem I had to flash the DM
Flashing with Gemini cause Error 0x1800f
and tuner is empty
falshing any other image higher than SSL76 or 76a cause infinate loop or reboots

the SIM is 2.01 as the sticker back of the DM

I don't know is a tuner failer or something wrong I do when flashing or updating looder version

Please help

14-01-2013, 12:24
Its bcm file mate try flash latest ssl84b first reboot your box then flash new image it will sort out the issue

14-01-2013, 13:16
Thanks for reply
I just want to understand the sequence
Loader first then image
So whyflashing image replaces the loader? I don't think image should contain a loader or It does?
What is the best mothod of falshing loader and image?
I used DreamBox-OptiFlasher-Pro-E2-v2.0.0c
What loaders are compatible with SIM2.01?

14-01-2013, 16:18
Its good always use ssl after every upgrade

you have ssl 76 now if you send ssl84b then you know your box is up to date

flash ssl with web browser then reboot

now flash image same way done

14-01-2013, 20:28
still no luck , none of the images I tried worked
booting process not passed.

please recommend an image for unternal flash.

14-01-2013, 20:35
Where does the booting prcess stop on the front screen of the box ?

14-01-2013, 20:54
Some displays the boot logo on the TV and then DM hangs
Some reboots the DM while nothing appears on the TV

14-01-2013, 21:19
Its not a defective tuner then if it was then it would not get as far a the bootlogo.

Id try what benkurd suggested upgrade the ssl to 84b by browser then flash a 84b image.

If the same thing then happens with it hanging try another psu it may be weak.

14-01-2013, 21:28
I tried SSL76, 76C, 82 and 84
Only 76 worked but the tuner problem appeared
with any other SSL , boot process didn't not complete

Please recommend me an image proved working with SSL 84B for internal flash.

How to debug the booting process?

If it won't work what else can I do

14-01-2013, 21:54
Flash this first you dont have to reboot.

Start browser flashing agin and then flash this.

Please note it is a slow boot on the above.

14-01-2013, 22:16
No luck too
Dream Lite Logo appears them DM restarts , logo appears again and so on

14-01-2013, 22:24
ok try Merlin image its small size that may help

14-01-2013, 22:26
may you please provide a link for it?

14-01-2013, 22:48
Did you try another power supply ?

14-01-2013, 22:51
may you please provide a link for it?

14-01-2013, 23:06
Merlin and Openemended are exactly the same result as Dream Elite.

No I didn't try another PSW , from where can I get one?

14-01-2013, 23:09
Try ebay i think this issue is hardware, could possibly be a weak power supply but dont hold me to that it just a possibility.

14-01-2013, 23:11
But why it's working with SSL76 Images?

14-01-2013, 23:25
Hmmm yeah missed that. No idea then mate

We have gone through all we can.

14-01-2013, 23:33
I'm sorry for that.

I have nothing to do with it , most probably it's pass it to a local shop may be something can be done. I hope

Thanks everybody tried to help.

19-01-2013, 19:36
I got booting process log
Many error scenarios

(c) 2007,2008 Dream Multimedia GmbH. All rights reserved.
Dreambox DM800
FIRST STAGE 1.00 {BO23456}

2ND STAGE OK, build #76 (20100419)

0.000 - BCM board setup
0.007 - fp init
0.008 - ca init
SW != 9000
error in receive
error during t1 transfer
SW != 9000
error in receive
error during t1 transfer
SW != 9000
error in receive
error during t1 transfer
1.391 - load config
dCA: not existent, loading defaults
1.422 - config loaded.
* press [S] to enter setup
OLED found!
BOOT #76(20100419)
detected jffs2 blocksize: 16kb
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++
dreamupd initialized
Scanning JFFS2 FS: . done.
<5>Linux version 2.6.18-7.3-dm800 (amedeo@localhost.localdomain) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1 Wed Jun 2 18:15:26 CEST 2010
Fetching vars from bootloader... none present, using defaults.
board_init_once: regval=44ac6502, ddr_strap=3, 4 chips, pci_size=2
Detected 256 MB on board
<4>WARNING: read invalid MAC address ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff from

When Flashing SSL84B
It can not find autoexec.bat

booting bahvior seems strange

Any one faced those error?

19-01-2013, 21:57
Mate im not going to pretend i understand all of those log errors.

Can you tell us what happening with the box itself that is not right ?

20-01-2013, 10:19
I don't know what is happening myself

Now I can not get any image working on the internal falsh.
I don't know , may be those files not found because I'm flashing USB images not flash

In the past , it was mentioned that the image is for Internal or USB.

On the other hand even the old images that was working , are not working not

DM800 is not passing boot process , always restarts itself.
but with different errors as seem from the logging

I confirm that Power connection is faulty , but I'm sure that there is something worng , may be in the internal flash , may be in the SIM card security or something else

Where Can I order another SIM card online , I don't have paypal.?

20-01-2013, 16:16
Hi mate

The sponsor sells sim2 boxes so maybe he can sell you a sim. Try him.

If not google brings up a few dealers.

So if you flash a image the box does not boot. Does it show any errors on front screen does it show any splash screens on the TV ?

20-01-2013, 23:14
no error on the DM screen
I didn't check the TV as I can not connect DVI and serial at the same time.

22-01-2013, 09:52
I found the error
It's the tuner.
I unplugged the tuner , everything worked fine
Plugging it again causes DM to infinite restarts

The tuner is rev K , is it better to repair it or to get Rev M instead?

22-01-2013, 10:30
Rev m is the best clone tuner .

22-01-2013, 21:51
Rev m is the best clone tuner .

Thanks Ferret.
I'm not expecting to repair it soon,I can not find a site with reasonable price and shipping cost.

I ordered VU+ Solo 2 :)

I think I'll join VU+ posts.

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