DM 8000 Ferrari Sim

18-06-2012, 14:24
Persian Professionals Team DM 8000 / Ferrari Sim

Persian Professionals Team Proudly Presents "Persian Empire" Enigma2 Image (Open PLi Based) Beta 2

Old Name : Persian HD Project (PHDP)

New Name : Persian Empire

Panel : Persian Palace - New Generation (Beta 2)

OE : 1.6 (pyo Files)

Enigma2 : 16 June 2012

Release Type : Beta 2 , For Public Test

Release Date : 16 June 2012

Publisher : Persian Professionals Team

Team Leader : Persian Prince

Graphics Designer : Eminem (N@ser)

Settings Creators : adel sat , alikhavari , hamid7777 , Morteza-DM

Warning :

DM800 , DM500HD , DM800SE Images Are For Multi Boot And They Are Not Full Like The Others

In The Future We Are Not Going To Release Any Images For These 3 Models Cause Of 64 MB Nand Flash

It's Your Problem That You Bought Useless STBs Not Ours

================================================== ================================================

It's Not Official Open PLi/Open AZBox/RTi Image

It Does Not Contain Any SoftCams/Keys But It Supports Them

All Open PLi Team Members "Gods Of The Arena"
All RTi Team Members "AZBox Legends"
All Black Hole Team Members "VuPlus Legends"

Thanks To :

Horst Schmid
Felix Domke

================================================== =================================================

Only added Ferrari addons manager and record / timeshift / playback tested (Thanks goes to gjs!)

I have tuner problems with openpli based images on my dm8000 clone, also with this. Here some info how know when Tuners works in this image:

When you boot OLED have text dhcp... /flash/vmlinux.gz and TV have black screen be patient and wait... After that OLED text change and TV screen MUST have boot logo. If TV screen still black tuners will be failed. Keep rebooting box until you have Boot logo on TV screen.

Thanks to Persian Professionals Team also!!


18-06-2012, 14:41
Ferrari-SSL87F-Nemesis2.6-dm8000-e2-OE(1.6)-SVN(107r5) (

- Webinterface
- Mediaplayer
- Timeshift
- Extra.url
- Ferrari AddOns Manager

Nemesis 2.6 107r5
Updated 29.03.2012-13:00

All updates until 105r4 are included
Rewrite device info panel, now are also displayed the network devices
Update Enigma2 to 3.2.2 (20120327) patched by Yang
Move to 2.6 version
Added possibility to disable HDD as a device for epg.dat, swap files and skins
Added possibility to remove HDD on Picon search path
Update CrossEPG to use new Autodiscover EPG (Only for Nemesis Images)
Update Bootlogo for version 2.6 (thanks @XPlanet)
Replaced the eXcort Lux default skin, with the new Nemesis Black Skin by mmark (thanks @mmark & Stardust)
Added possibility to enable/disable Pig Widget on Skin
Blue->Yellow->Setup Skin->Enable Pig Widget on skin
Added developer mode for skinner (Thank's @skaman)
Added Suppprt for Skins on external device
Now you can install skin on, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices
(At the moment 0nly skins without Python code modification)
Added Autodiscover Picon
Discover on: Flash, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices and Network Mountpoint
Added Autodiscover swap file
Discover on: USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices
Added Autodiscover epg.dat file
Discover on: Flash, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices and Network Mountpoint
Added device selection for Picon installation
You can install Picon on: Flash, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices and Network Mountpoint
Removed Picon Provider, System e Satellite from image
Now you can install it from Blue Panel->Addons
Updated italian CVS translation using german locale as reference (Thank's @blu8)
Updated Nemesis Panel italian translation(Thank's @blu8)
Updated full german locale translation (thanks @bigstar2005)
Updated enigma2-plugins

More languages
Blue - Blue - Packet Management - enigma2-locale-xx (

18-06-2012, 15:07

- OpenWebif
- Mediaplayer
- Timeshift
- Wlan
- Ferrari AddOns Manager

1)Moved to enigma2 openpli project (thank you openpli team)
2)Sifteam cloud system (You can connect your sifteam forum account on your stb, in the future release you can backup your image,share channels settings etc etc in your personal account storage)
3)New Graphic skin. Thank you so much to daconi.
4)Redisegned SifTeam Panel Menu
5)Redesigned Software Manager.Added possibility to rank your favourite plugin, you can consult top rated,most downloaded plugin etc etc
6)Added Bouquets and Channels Menu. Now you can download your favourite channel list settings.
7)Exclusive possibility to use Original Sky Ita channel list numeration starting from number 100 like skybox stb
8)Added OpenWebIf
9)New System to detect and install Usb devices
10)Many fixes to Mount Disk manager
11)Added Temporary-Static Mount.
12)Added uuid use on fstab
13)Support autoresize for picons (100x60 e 130x80)
14)Airplay Server coming soon

20-06-2012, 21:34

This image is a 100% build image from OpenPLi source.
It includes a patched enigma2. This patch brings back support for the /dev/misc/pvr device. The current Ferrari SSL doesn't support newer drivers for the 'normal' /dev/dvb/adapterX/dvrX device.
I also included the new OpenPli 3.0 bootlogo's in this image.

21-06-2012, 21:01
Openaaf 1.0 20120617

- Webinterface
- Media Center
- DTS Surround
- Ferrari AddOns Manager

21-06-2012, 22:08

DDdemon 20120517

- Webinterface
- Media Player
- DVD Player
- DTS Surround
- Ferrari AddOns Manager

26-07-2012, 21:12
Nemesis 2.6 SVN110r0

- Webinterface
- Media Player
- DVD Player
- DTS Surround
- Ferrari AddOns Manager
- Extra url
- FanControl 2 (enable FanControl2 in plugin menu)
- Will give 3D Setting error when open plugin menu
(3D Settings included image, but NOT work in dm8000 clone)

Ferrari-SSL87F-Nemesis2.6-SVN110r0-dm8000-Snack.nfi (

26-07-2012, 21:16
Dream Elite 3.0 V10r6

- Webinterface
- Mediaplayer
- DTS Surround
- CrossEPG
- Extra.url
- Ferrari AddOns Manager

Ferrari-SSL87F-Dream-Elite-3.0-v010r6-22072012-dm8000-Snack (

18-10-2012, 20:50
Peter Pan Neverland 2.3 DVD

- Webinterface
- Media Player
- DVD Player
- DTS Surround / AC3 Downmix
- Ferrari AddOns Manager ( ( ( ( (


17-12-2012, 16:18
Persian Empire Enigma2 Images

Project Name : Persian HD Project (PHDP)

Image Name : Persian Empire

Panel : Persian Palace - New Generation (RC2)

OE : 1.6 PE Mode - Python 2.6

Kernel : 3rd Generation PE Mode - 99% Pure

Enigma2 : 25 September 2012 (PLi)

Release Type : RC2 (Release Candidate)

Release Date : 26 September 2012

Publisher : Persian Professionals Team

Team Leader : Persian Prince

Core Members : Naser (Eminem) - Mehdi (CentOS) - Mohammad Ali (mammadalius)

Notice :

You Can Use Only Lite Version On DM800 , DM500HD , DM800SE Models Cause Of 64MB Nand Flash

You Can Use VuPlus Images On Galaxy Innovations STBs

GIS9995 (Ultimo) , GIS8895 (Uno) , GIS9895 (Duo) , GIS8180 (Solo)

You Can Use UNiBOX Images On Venton/Vanguard/CyBox STBs

INIX000 For HD1/HD2/HD3 , 3000/5000/7000

You Can Use Odin Image On Mara STB

============================================================ ===============================================

Persian Empire ChangeLogs :

- based on OE 1.6 PE Mode with new changes
- based on 3rd generation of PE Mode kernels
- fancontrol2 added for vuuno and vuultimo also some other models (inform us about other models)
- vuplus and gigablue tmp problem fixed
- latest vuplus dvbapp sources added
- now supports 15 new 3G modems
- all online servers checked for new changes
- 2012e sources added for better time synchronization
- hd glass 16 skin removed due the problems with PLi's enigma2
- some RCU pictures added
- PersianEmpireHD1-ramiMAHER 720p skin is the default skin
- ramiMAHER's bootlogo is our bootlogo now (720p)
- all new drivers added
- now supports udev , mtd-tools and device-mapper for new kernels
- Record/Timeshift fixed for dm500hd and dm8000 (ferrari)
- 3G plugin fixed for new PLi's enigma2
- Simple RSS plugin removed , wait for Pure Prestige plugin by mfaraj57 (soon)
- Permanent Clock replaced by Show Clock (long press exit button)
- size reduced
- now you can test permanent channel remove
- includes latest adel sat settings
- ...

Persian Palace ChangeLogs :

- now supports MultiCS r63 , NCam 0.3 , GBox.NET svn806 and OSCam 1.20
- size reduced
- BISS Key Adder updated for channels with same SIDs
- now you can change skin_subtitles.xml font with Font Changer
- "satellites.xml , terrestrial.xml and cables.xml move" fixed for settings downloaders
- channels lock problem fixed (after downloading new settings)
- nfidump updated for new dreambox images
- now you can go back to enigma2 default skin with "" command in telnet
- enable/disable spinner added
- ...

Persian Grandeur ChangeLogs :

- second build v1.1 (private test only for our team members)
[we're working on our Andorid app and it will be released soon , free and in apk format with direct link
with this app you can do more than just other enigma2 apps
it has base features (you can see them in any app) + Persian Palace features
you will be surprised for world's best enigma2 android app
stay tuned]
- supports BISS Key Adder
- supports C Line creator
- split to 2 parts (Persian Palace and Extra Features)

============================================================ ===============================================

Do You Wanna Experience Fastest CCcam Speed In The World ?

- Install CCcam Emulator From Download Manager 3.0
- Put Your CCcam Files In /etc (CHMOD 755)
- Go To Persian Palace Plugin
- From Emulator Manager Section Choose Single Cams Then Select CCcam And Start/Enable It
- Enjoy

============================================================ ===============================================

Lite Version : Just A Demo

Full Version : Everything You Need


30-03-2013, 11:51


revisione img oe1.6 compilata con vecchio enigma2 3.2.1
revision img oe1.6 filled with old enigma2 3.2.1


Enigma2: Release 3.2
Machine: Dreambox dm8000
Date: 20130301
Issuer: Dream Multimedia
MD5: d6b373eab79b5c1065b375312b6d9cf6

Genuine image with the Last CVS

Creatori immagini
Sviluppatore del blue panel
Beta tester

Nuova skin default horizon Grazie mmark
potete scaricare i picon by mmark dal pannello demonisat
New skin default horizon Thanks mmark
You can download picon by mmark panel demonisat

adjustment on the skin
New bootlogo demonisat
New spinners
Fix EventName
Fix CCcam ecm Default


Raccomandiamo di non fare aggiornamento software
possibilmente mettere immagine in flash

Nessuna emu o configurazione a bordo ne per emu ne per cardserver,tutto e' comunque scaricabile online e gestibile dal nuovo Blue Panel Demonisat.

un doveroso grazie agli autori dei vari plugin skin patch etc etc

per ulteriori informazioni foto andate qui

New Blue Panel demonisat
You'll find everything you need
for the operation of the image

We recommend that you do not update software
possible to image in flash

No emus or configuring it on board for it to cardserver emus, and all 'still manageable and can be downloaded online from the new Blue Panel demonisat.

thanks to the authors of the various skin patch plugins etc etc !!
New Blue Panel demonisat
You'll find everything you need
for the operation of the image


We recommend that you do not update software possible to image in flash

- Ferrari AddOns Manager
- Webinterface (3.999)
- Mediaplayer (Ts format work)
- WireLess Lan (3.999)
- Media Player (3.999)

Ferrari-SSL87F-DDD-OE1.6-5.0-dm8000-20130301-Snack (

30-03-2013, 12:11
Dream Elite 3.0 V10r6 (Dream Elite 4.0 look a like)
I do not normaly make images like this, but i have couple of requests to do. So i did this but please understand this is NOT OE 2.0 IMAGE!

- Webinterface
- Mediaplayer
- DTS Surround / Downmix
- Extra.url
- Ferrari AddOns Manager
- Fancontrol2

- 16.12.2012, fixed Plugin menu crash.

This is Dream Elite 3.0 V10r6 AND THIS IS NOT OE2.0 image! Only CHANGED BOOTLOGOS and SKIN to get it LOOK A LIKE DE4.0

Image bootup is slow BE PATIENT and wait, in half of loading it looks like it stops but just wait. After 5 minutes it should show video input selection wink

Ferrari-SSL87F-Dream-Elite-3.0-DE40-look-dm8000-Snack (

13-03-2015, 18:15

I have old OpenPli 2.0 img from 20110724 and i made a rebackup 20150124 with Ferrari-SSL84F that works ok with tuners :-)
No ned reboot, like the newer OpenPli.

Works okay with sim Ferrari or work also with Dual Japhar .NC3 sim.

- SSL84F
- Ferrari spinner
- Flaching & Backup V9.34
- OpenPLi bootlogo Latest“10 year Winter”
- Skin Neon-blue-hd-pli-image_1.2
- Skin ramiMAHER-rm-8
- Epgrefreshs_1.1
- Fan Control2
- SecondInfobar EPG
- Permanentclock
- satellites.xml( new)
- Thanks to ”pillola” fix Downloadable New Pugins from green buttom.
- Ferrari Addons manager 5.1(latest working)
- CCcam Info v1.3 C (fixed display ecm time sas "nan". The problem is in older img and older 2.1.4 CCcam-version)
- Fix auto sub with activate sub lang.

22-03-2015, 18:13
hello try dreamelite 4.0 r005 for 8000hd ferrari sim nobody has patched for 8000 hd ferrari sim thanks to those who I may have to do

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