TNK-and CCcam problem

12-01-2012, 14:06
I get new TNK-telewizija na karte card and I have DM800SE-edg-nemesis 2.4,
and my problem its that I cant make to work directly on any version of CCcam,if I use MGCamd1.37+NewCS1.70 card works whell and opening any channels,if I use sbox also,scam,..but when I put example CCcam.2.1.2 its shows me;

Caid b00
id name date
1010 TVN 01.01.12-31.01.12

its looks like isnt update,but on any other emu opens channels,
now does TNK/TVN-sd card-0b00-conax can work directly on CCcam without newcs or oscam,or must be together,and why I cant get valid update,even I can wach all channels from that provaider,
please I need help,.

12-01-2012, 14:45
what id of your card 0b00 or 0b01 ?

12-01-2012, 14:58
best will be you run oscam/ccam!

with older card it worked only in cccam!

newer only readby newcs or oscam!

12-01-2012, 18:56
I have caid-0b00,
so TNK(telewizija na karte)-sd caid 0b00 dont work directly via CCcam,I must use combination CCcam+NewCS,or CCcam+Oscam,its that true,if ist,Iam noob for combinations like thats,does anybody have config for that TNK card,or here on forum,.

Tnx for help :thum:

12-01-2012, 22:22
the tnk hd also work ?

12-01-2012, 22:27
what you mean amigo???

tnk hd card????

13-01-2012, 12:46
try these files
i read that these files could work.I have not tested and i could be wrong.test it on your own risk :D

Tnx for help,I make CCcam+Newcs1.70 and works whell,

ecm its 290-300,

tnx all for advice,.

13-01-2012, 20:14
best will be you run oscam/ccam!

with older card it worked only in cccam!

newer only readby newcs or oscam!

One more thing,now I use CCcam+Newcs1.70 and if I won too see my card on hop0,I must use lower CCcam until-2.1.3 to use trick256,
so I can have as local,as that card cant work without some reader,
my qouestion is if I use CCcam+Oscam can I use higher CCcam such as 2.1.4,and see my card as local on hop0..or also must put on my cccam.cfg N-line with 256 and CCcam lower version,as I will not share N-lines,.

13-01-2012, 20:17
you have to use cccam version maximum 2.1.3 to show it as local!

use the trick u said!
otherwise not shown local!
no chance

07-02-2012, 15:27
Also work great with sbox. Ecm - 120

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