Update Diablo Cam 2.2 for UPC Cryptoworks card?

23-09-2011, 15:58
I am using official UPC card in a receiver with a card-slot and it works fine.

I want to use the card in a receiver with CA slot and a diablo 2.2 which I have not used before. I think I need to update the CAID.xml file.

In enigma 2 I am getting message:

No signal or PMT not found
Update file CAID.XML

Menu says DIABLO 1.54
smartcard info
coding system: unknown
3b 78 etc.

Do I have to get a programmer to update files like CAS2?

23-09-2011, 20:08
I know it didn't work with Blue Dragon UPC Direct card for me, Cryptoworks CaID for this card is CaID 0D02.

So have you tried Auto PMT [ON] or adding CaID 0D02 to your CAIDS.XML or MAIN.XML CaIDs file?

23-09-2011, 20:24
First of all you have to Update the Cam with a Underworld Firmware
thats Changes the Cam to a Multicrypt Cam
Diablo Soft 1.54 supports only Conax
If you have Done this than you have Configure the Cam by
setting Cryptoworks to On in Menue Config/Cas and as Wrote Before you have to Add Caid 0D02 to the .xml File.

23-09-2011, 21:17
so I need to get a CAS programmer? Is CAS2 okay, they only cost Ģ12.

What is the software called for programming the CAM, is it CAS studio?

23-09-2011, 23:20
No Cas 2 is not enough
you have to Buy a Cas 2+ or Cas 3+
The Software you need is the Cas Studio
Current Version is "Cas Interface Studio 9.3.0" atm (at this moment)

28-09-2011, 16:22
Anyone know the latest Underworld file to use for V2.2?

Maybe 203?

New Underworld203 for Diablo v1 cam [06-07-2010]

Fixed reading cards
thx °°> The_HanDsoMe <°°
Attached Files
File Type: rar Underworld203.rar (1.68 MB, 99 views)

28-09-2011, 17:09


28-09-2011, 17:39
Looks like v 2.16?

Last Underworld that Workīs with rev. 2.2 & 2.3 Camīs
is 2.16
UW 170 is that Version which Works with CNL on the "old" Camīs

I see you can upgrade to Diablo 2 for Eu19.

Anyone tried this?
What do you get for your money?

28-09-2011, 18:46
Nothing extra in UW216 that work on Light versions of CAM for EMU but may be worth a try for improved Card Reading.

Any "extra's" are for WiFi only since UW170.

Diablo v2 Rev4.0 Upgrade for older v1 2.2/2.3 adds:

SSR/SRG Swiss Viaccess Channels on 13E (TSR, SF1, SF Zwei, RSI LA etc)

also adds Public: 19.2E TNT Sat (not all channels), Canal Sat (ID022610, Key08 Channels Only), 39E Bulsatcom (Irdeto2 channels only).

04-10-2011, 20:16
I updated to UW 1.70 but still not clearing.


Caids File CAID
Auto pmt on
emu on/off (tried both)
n2 auto off
emu prio 1. cards. 2 emu

CAS menu

Cworks on

<caid value="0100" comment=" Seca " ></caid>
<caid value="0500" comment=" Viaccess " ></caid>
<caid value="0b00" comment=" Conax " ></caid>
<caid value="0604" comment=" Irdeto SCT " ></caid>
<caid value="0606" comment=" Irdeto " ></caid>
<caid value="0628" comment=" Irdeto Red Light " ></caid>
<caid value="1702" comment=" Betacrypt Premiere " ></caid>
<caid value="1722" comment=" Betacrypt Premiere " ></caid>
<caid value="1762" comment=" Betacrypt ORF" ></caid>
<caid value="1800" comment=" Nagravision " ></caid>
<caid value="1801" comment=" Nagravision2 " ></caid>
<caid value="0d00" comment=" Cryptoworks Kingstone "></caid>
<caid value="0d01" comment=" Cryptoworks JSTV " ></caid>
<caid value="0d03" comment=" Cryptoworks Digiturk " ></caid>
<caid value="0d04" comment=" Cryptoworks DMC " ></caid>
<caid value="0d05" comment=" Cryptoworks Easy TV " ></caid>
<caid value="0d0c" comment=" Cryptoworks Easy TV " ></caid>
<caid value="0d02" comment=" Cryptoworks UPC TV " ></caid>
<caid value="0919" comment=" Other " ></caid>
<caid value="4a70" comment=" DreamCrypt InXtc TV" ></caid>
<caid value="1802" comment=" " ></caid>
<caid value="1804" comment=" " ></caid>
<caid value="2600" comment=" Biss " ></caid>

04-10-2011, 21:48
Okay, working with Enigma1 but not E2.


05-10-2011, 10:46
Okay, working with Enigma1 but not E2.


Remove the unused/unwanted CaIDs.

Some systems/configs/receivers can only handle 15/16 at switch on you have 20+ there.....and 0622 missing (among others)


<caid value="2600" comment="Biss"></caid>
<caid value="0D05" comment="Cryptoworks (ORF,AustriaSat)"></caid>
<caid value="0D00" comment="Cryptoworks (Ariqva Chello Zone Media,MTV Networks,Digiturk)"></caid>
<caid value="0D02" comment="Cryptoworks (UPC Direct)"></caid>
<caid value="1722" comment="Betacrypt (KD Digital Free)"></caid>
<caid value="0604" comment="Irdeto (Bulsatcom)"></caid>
<caid value="0608" comment="Irdeto (Zee TV)"></caid>
<caid value="0622" comment="Irdeto (Canal Digitaal NL)"></caid>
<caid value="1801" comment="Nagravision2 (KD Digital Free,TV Globo)"></caid>
<caid value="0100" comment="Seca (Rai,Telespazio)"></caid>
<caid value="0500" comment="Viaccess (SIC,MEZZO,TNT,CSAT,SSR-SRG)"></caid>
<caid value="090F" comment="***/VG (Viasat)"></caid>
<caid value="091F" comment="***/VG (TotalTV)"></caid>
<caid value="0963" comment="***/VG (SkyUK)"></caid>

05-10-2011, 15:58
Made the changes but still not working. Must be a problem with Enigma2 (on Kathi 910).

I entered CI assigment in the E2 menu and assigned CAID 0xd02 and assigned UPC as a provider but still no good. Maybe I need an updated provider file?

I think I'll take my cam and card and test it at the satellite shop.

Fed up.

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