Multics ( CSP + CCcam connector)

10-09-2011, 23:00
multics beta 4


First public version
*Very Stable Connection
*Web Interface
*Newcamd Client
*CCcam Client
*Clustered Cache tracker
*Best server selection (equilibrated ecm request between servers)
*SID filter
*No need to install java it is self executable
*No need to restart after any modification
*Architectures: pc linux x86, pc linux x64, powerpc(dm500)
*Multi Profiles

beta 4 version:

*Now multics is compatible with old and new version of csp' cache
*Added CCcam.channelinfo file reading to show channels name in webif (put your channelinfo file to '/var/etc/CCcam.channelinfo')

11-09-2011, 17:06
multics beta 4-1

-fixed bug when reading CCcam.channelinfo

13-09-2011, 14:53
Multics beta 5

-Added Webif password protection

18-09-2011, 16:04
Multics beta 5-1

fixed: cache connection and bug + newcamd connection on ppc

28-09-2011, 14:54

MultiCS beta 6
+Added CCcam Server
+Added global newcamd users
+fixed cards selection
+fixed cache overloading

*Very Stable Connection
*Web Interface
*Newcamd Client
*CCcam Client
*Best server selection (equilibrated ecm request between servers)
*SID filter
*No need to install java it is self executable
*No need to restart after any modification
*Architectures: pc linux x86, pc linux x64, powerpc(dm500)
*Multi Profiles
*Service id file reading (CCcam.channelinfo)
*Clustered Cache compatiblity with old and new csp versions
*Webif password protection
*CCcam Server

03-10-2011, 09:45

MultiCS beta 8

07-10-2011, 10:04

ADD- network-id

01-11-2011, 06:44
Multi CardServer beta6-revision6

* better ecm decode process
* Added share options for CCcam Server
* Added FreeCCcam server

12-11-2011, 08:18
Multi CardServer Beta6-Revision12

*added Gbox Server
*fixed CCcam server when sending cards to client
*removed CCcam keepalive message causing server disconnection.
*new command line options (see ~# multics -h)

13-11-2011, 15:08
Multi CardServer Beta6-Revision13

Newcamd server was based on a prioity table[100], i have replaced it to dynamic list but with no priority between users.

for this version i have not stripped the files. if u have any error use gdb and send me feedback that i can locate and correct the error.

thanks for anyone who helps to improve this cardserver

19-11-2011, 16:19
Revision 15
Fixed Gbox, CCcam, FreeCCcam bugs

26-11-2011, 15:25
Multi CardServer Beta6 Revision17
Added Mgcamd Server

06-12-2011, 15:58
Multi CardServer beta6 revision18
*removed function causing high cpu usage (rev17 has a high cpu usage and may cause freeze)
*added ability to get hop2,3.. cards from CCcam servers
C: localhost 12000 user pass 1 # get only hop1
C: localhost 12000 user pass 2 # get hop1+hop2
C: localhost 12000 user pass N # get hopN
*added profiles selection to be decoded by a server
C: host 12000 user pass { profiles_port_list } # Use this server only to decode profiles identified by "profiles_port_list"
N: N: localhost 10001 dummy dummy 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 { profiles_prot_list } # Use this server only to decode profiles identified by "profiles_prot_list"
*added number of retries for servers(CCcam/Newcamd) to decode an ecm request
RETRY CCCAM: 5 # default is 3
RETRY NEWCAMD: 1 # default is 0
*updated cache protocol
*fixed removing profile bug
*fixed unmodified cache port

18-12-2011, 22:17
Multi CardServer beta6 Revision21

*fixed freeze problem from CCcam servers (caused by a wrong value returned from card selection function).
*added function to avoid circular ecm requests from/to same client/server by ip address (except
*now local newcs servers have the priority to decode ecm requests when available

26-12-2011, 14:43
MultiCS b6-r22

Multi CardServer beta6 Revision22
*Reduced CPU usage (sorry for previous version it has very big cpu usage)
*option 'dcw maxfailed': maximum number of successive decode failed for a sid to block sending ecm request of this sid to card.
*option 'cccam nodeid': to set a constant nodeid for cccam server/client
*modified webif style and added decode sid list + used profiles table for each server

30-12-2011, 23:04
MultiCS b6-r24

Multi CardServer beta6 Revision24
*fixed CCcam server nodeid and send card data

Thx evileyes

06-01-2012, 21:46
MultiCS b7-r27

Multi CardServer beta7 Revision27
*recoded the entire main process, multics is now faster than it has ever been.
*added extra cache hits to get the max of hits between connnected peers.

Thx evileyes

13-01-2012, 19:56
MultiCS b7-r28
Multi CardServer beta7 Revision28
*Fixed FreeCCcam Server.
*Fixed Cache webpage data.
*Fixed Profile Ecmtime and Ecmok.
*Added Radegast Server/Client
*Added Profile Ecmok per Ecmtime Histogram

14-01-2012, 18:48
Multi CardServer b7-r29

added new cache program detection and activity status using ping request packet due to some problems on csp caused by non paired requests/replies and massive cache data.

mohammed tanko
15-01-2012, 13:53
Multi CardServer b7-r30
*fixed cache reply packet wrong length.

sorry for all, i was tired by rewriting the code and havent checked the cache packets integrity.

tnx evileyes

Multi CardServer b7-r32
*fixed gbox reread config bug
*fixed high ecmtime bug
*fixed clients connections with massive cache exchange.
*fixed cache forwarded hits.
+faster cache packet sending even there is a large data awaiting to be sent
+identification of cache peers from same ip.

ps: when running multics remove all default users from config and change all ports, cause there is someone using these data to hack multics servers.

mohammed tanko
24-01-2012, 15:57
MultiCS b7-r33
Multi CardServer beta7 Revision33
*fixed cache offline status.
*fixed receive message thread which overload cpu usage and lock other threads.

mohammed tanko
27-01-2012, 13:57
Multi CardServer b7-r34
*fixed unexpected closure of cache server socket
*fixed select() error when receiving messages.
+added cache program name & version.
+increased FD_SETSIZE to 4096 for big servers.

mohammed tanko
27-01-2012, 16:46
Multi CardServer b7-r35
**fixed high cpu usage

mohammed tanko
28-01-2012, 17:35
Multi CardServer beta7 Revision36
*Changed select() function causing all problems by poll() function.

04-02-2012, 20:02
MultiCS b7-r37

Multi CardServer beta7 Revision37
*Removed ecm DEADLOCK.
*fixed low cache hits.
+changed config file monitor by inotify().
+added webif restart button.
+added webif last debugged lines.
*cfg and log file names are no more fixed and they are taken from executable file name. if your multics file name is "multics1" or "multics1.x32", the config file should be "/var/etc/multics1.cfg" and the log file "/var/tmp/multics1.cfg".

mohammed tanko
06-02-2012, 12:09
MultiCS b7-r38

Multi CardServer beta7 Revision38
*fixed clients/servers connection.
*fixed command line bug.

24-03-2012, 11:34
Multi Cardserver r50
-Removed beta from version name (multics is always in beta state)
-Removed Gbox Server and Radegast Server
*fixed freecccam bug
*fixed ecm request checking
*fixed and improved dcw filter
*fixed cccam card selection and uphops priority
*fixed config comment and line-continuation(\) parser
+Added editor in webif to edit config file.
+Changed all clients/servers actions (recv/send) to multithreads
+Added Profile Options to accept or deny zero sid/provider/caid
+Added more profiles default options
+Added clients(cccam/mgcamd) extra info, added clients enddate thread
+Block any incoming/outgoing cache data if at least one of the next fields is zero "ecmTag,sid,caid,ecmHash"
+Added dcw rejected list.
+Added "next dcw" detection algorithm to avoid the use of wrong and random dcw (test only for CCcam clients)
**see readme.txt for more details

mohammed tanko
24-03-2012, 18:21
Multi CardServer r51
*fixed nextdcw algo.
+Added Mgcamd client info and nextdcw detection.

28-03-2012, 15:08
MultiCS r53

Multi CardServer r53
*restored r38 main process code.
*restored gbox & radegast servers.
*fixed cache thread (the main problem causing high cpu usage)
*incoming cache data from r50/r51 are blocked (r50/r51 multithreaded code can send wrong DCW).
*added global option to block/accept all incoming and outcoming cache data with networkid=0 (ACCEPT NULL ONID: 0/1).

09-06-2012, 16:39
Multi CardServer r54a:thum:
- fixed host-name list on config changed.
- fixed cache failed replies and stats.
- added sending cache resendreq packet when waiting for cache data to get faster reply.
- new option to make you cache server acting like a tracker (see multics.cfg)
- new peer option to block sending invalid onid requests (see multics.cfg)
- multi-threaded and dynamic webif with ajax.
- fixed cccam client disconnection when there is a new connection with a wrong pass.
- check/remove wrong and similar dcw on same channel.
- added new target systems (not tested)

12-06-2012, 15:04
multics r55

Multi CardSerer r55
- added multiple cws line.
- removed extra cache packets (forwarded hits+resendreq) causing instability to server when increasing the number of cache peers and setting new cache peer option to send forwarded hits.
- fixed mgcamd server ( tested on samsat hd65 titan ).

04-07-2012, 12:34
MultiCS r56a
Multi CardServer r56a
- thread safe ecm data
- fully multi threaded clients/servers messages (low ecmtime)

10-07-2012, 13:02

Multi CardServer r59:thum:

- restored r55 maincode and removed multi threaded part

Ghost 707
15-07-2012, 01:23
Multi CardServer r62

- changed database structure to speed up card search (removed sidlist page)
- removed delay from cache server

all multics versions are beta

19-07-2012, 23:12
Multi CardServer r63:thum:

- accelerated cache server
- fixed mgcamd enddate
- enabled radegast client
- enabled freecccam server
- added cccam server option "CCAM PROFILES" to set default profiles for all clients
- added mgcamd server option "MGCAMD PROFILES" to set default profiles for all clients
- added profile option "DISABLE NEWCAMD" to disable sending ecm to newcamd servers
- added profile option "DISABLE CCCAM" to disable sending ecm to newcamd servers
- added profile option "DISABLE RADEGAST" to disable sending ecm to newcamd servers
- added profile option "DISABLE CACHE" to disable receiving dcw from cache

Ghost 707
16-08-2012, 18:10
Csp r227

SoftNdsPlugin?: Added service name to properties and cleaned up some properties.

13-01-2013, 22:28
MultiCS R63b 64bit by thorsatteam

ADD Version of CCCAM

CCCAM VERSION: "2.0.11", "2.1.1", "2.1.2", "2.1.3", "2.1.4", "2.2.0", "2.2.1", "2.3.0"

Thanks To thorsatteam

27-01-2013, 02:06
Multi CardServer r64

- fixed xml data
- optimized ecm loadbalance to get lower ecmtime
- reinforced consecutif ecm checking
- added 'CCcam.providers' file reading

28-01-2013, 18:52
Multi CardServer r65

*fixed CCcam/FreeCCcam unverified password

*added IP Address Geolocation to Country
copy 'multics.ipcountry' included in the archive to '/var/etc' path

*added sid list limitation to newcamd servers
N: host port user password { sids= sid1,sid2...}

*added sh4 target

06-02-2013, 20:09
Multics.cfg with already created profiles and a list of ECMs Bad

13-03-2013, 22:36


* channelinfo file parser
* xml bug
* reading config file bug
* more checks on incoming newcamd packets

+ Irdeto chid within sidlist (profiles/servers)
+ option sid list for servers
+ option sharelimits for servers and clients (like original CCcam)
+ selective debug output
+ faster and fully config update
+ country flags in webpage
+ external stylesheet file
+ webpage autorefresh
+ standalone newcamd page
+ multiple CCcam servers


27-03-2013, 12:26
Multi CardServer r67
*fixed options 'DISABLE CACHE' and 'SERVER FIRST'
*fixed floating point bug
*fixed xml refresh data
*added multi mgcamd servers
*recoded cache mechanism and added new packets: sending messages & card list

02-04-2013, 14:38
Multi CardServer r68
fixed cache send messages
fixed cache send request in tracker mode
removed delays from main thread
fixed timeout for sending ecm

this version is available only for x32 and x64 arch

21-04-2013, 00:58
- entire new cache system.
- low ecm times
- works perfect as cache forward for oscam

x64 version only
Have fun!

21-04-2013, 17:18
DOWNLOAD X32/X64 R666 (
Low ecm time
New webif design
Tunned cache protocol
X32/X64 only.
Best multics ever made.

07-05-2013, 18:31

Multi CardServer r69
* fixed mutexes combination causing sometimes deadlock
* fixed cache to send all different dcw (not only 1st one) of every ecm request
* added option to enable/disable sending cache requests ( CACHE SENDREQ: YES )
* added include statement (includes and parses the specified file)

10-06-2013, 18:23
Multi CardServer r70
* fixed cache peers unstable activity
* fixed load balancer to block resending ecm to different servers with same ip
* added STRICT dcw checking for *** cards
* fixed peer cards checking when sending all replies to cache peer or in tracker-mode
* YES/NO now can be used in config with boolean options ( YES=1 / NO=0 )
* new cache option auto add peers "CACHE AUTOADD: YES" (default=no)
* added oscam cacheex mode3 (reverse) on CCcam protocol (experimental)
## Cacheex Client
F: cache pass { cacheex_mode=3 }
## Cacheex Server connection
C: host 8495 user pass { cacheex_mode=3; cache_maxhop=2; shares=09CD:0, 0500:32830; }
=> push cacheex to server only shares slyit+csatv4 with maxhop=2
to enable cacheex on one profile add "ENABLE CACHEEX: YES"
* added multiport in newcamd line:
N: 14000,14005:14007,14017,14021:14023 user pass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
=> Connect to servers having the next ports: 14000, 14005,14006,14007, 14017, 14021, 14022, 14023
* added dcw check in cache
* added profile hits to cache peer info
* cache messages are now auto-saved to file '/var/tmp/multics.sms'
* fixed load balancer to wakeup upon reaching server.timeout
* fixed server priority in load balancer
* new targets for RaspberryPI and openwrt

23-06-2013, 20:27
Multi CardServer r71

* fixed typo disabling the check of cache peer cards that minimize traffic by blocking cache data unused by peer
* removed cache dcw checking for *** cards.
* fixed cacheex csp_hash little endian order.
* removed clients mintime+timeout and profile mintime to get less iterations, faster answers and less cpu consumption.
* optimized receive messages functions.
* optimized search in cache table.
* added country ip blocker of clients connections ( file ip2country must exist to enable this option )
ex: "BLOCK COUNTRY: XX, YY ## XX and YY are country codes like FR,DE,TN..."

This proxy is free and for non commercial use, removed payserver options: expire date & some related xml data.

Thx @evileyes

24-06-2013, 14:48
MultiCS r72

small fixes:
* fixed mgcamd decode failed.
* fixed country ipblocker data on config changed.

* added more optimizations on cache but also added more memory allocation. Result: very fast cache and low ping.

02-10-2013, 14:49
Multi CardServer r74
* fixed unknown cache message bug.
* fixed host option for mgcamd client
* added filter for invalid/bad viaccess ecm requests
* added test channel parameter to log all ecm/dcw of a certain channel to file (/var/tmp/multics.log)
TESTCHANNEL: 0500:032830:2206

* added ecm length to sid list ( SID LIST: <SID:CHID:ECMLEN> )
SID LIST: 0::92 # accept all ecm with length 0x92 (hex)
SID LIST: 2206::60 # accept only ecm with sid 2206 and length 0x60

* new ecm length parameter for profiles, to filter all incoming requests by requested lengths
ECM LENGTH: 93, 64 # accept only ecm with length 0x93 or 0x64

* new cache alivetime parameter, time which cw will stay in cache.
CACHE ALIVETIME: 10 # in seconds (default=15s)

* new file option "UPDATE ONCHANGE". if you disable this option for a file, config data will not be updated when you modify that file.
UPDATE ONCHANGE: NO # default value = YES

* new fline parameter "nodeid" to deny access for cccam client using unknown nodeid (different receiver/server).
F: user pass { nodeid=0102030405060708 }

* new http title parameter.
HTTP TITLE: "My First Server"

* added option to disable/enable "DCW CHECK" option for clients (newcamd/mgcamd/cccam)
CCCAM DCW CHECK: NO # default=YES, disable/enable default value for all cccam clients
MGCAMD DCW CHECK: NO # default=YES, disable/enable default value for all mgcamd clients
NEWCAMD DCW CHECK: NO # default=YES, disable/enable default value for all newcamd clients

* for each client you can enable/disable "DCW CHECK" option, if not specified default server option would be used.
F: user pass { dcwcheck=yes }
USER: user pass { dcwcheck=yes }
MGUSER: user pass { dcwcheck=yes }
## client having a receiver(watching tv only) -> dcwcheck=yes
## client having a server -> dcwcheck=NO

13-11-2013, 15:17
Multi CardServer r75

this version is fixed to minimize wrong codes, the cache is full of bad cw and forwarding cache spread them to all peers.

* removed tracker and forwarded hits from csp cache and cacheex, so only your filtered local cache will be sent to peers and you will save a lot of bandwidth.
* disabled connections with old mcs revisions (sending sometimes wrong codes as r63)
for your local oscam or csp you must add the cache line as below to connect with this version
CACHE PEER: 12345 { csp=yes }​
* fixed freecccam server and connection/login bugs

Thanks to evileyes

Ghost 707
20-11-2013, 14:45
Multi CardServer r76

*fixed freecccam sending 0 cards, at least it works now
*fixed checkdcw to retreive cycles just after a single freeze
*fully optimized cache hashtable (need memory ~ 80M)
*optimized cacheex hashtable (even with optimizations, cacheex increases too much cpu usgae)
*optimized ecm search -
*fixed clients connexions.
*mcs versions older than r67 cant connect via cache even using (csp=yes), we dont want to share WRONG CODES anymore.
*fixed delayed send ecm (bug found from r70)
*added smart csv parser to read different format of ip2country files, you can download newest free database (IPV4 CSV) from

Ghost 707
21-11-2013, 01:20
Multi CardServer r77

*restored r75 cacheex module.

thanks evileyes

Ghost 707
06-04-2014, 02:38
Multi CardServer r78
* removed cccam cacheex (tcp connection overload server)
* optimized clients username search
* fixed cache webpage
* optimized functions call
* added telnet server
* added multiple cache servers management
* moved from mono thread to multithreaded servers
* added cache filter
* added new constant in sidlist to filter bad codes (like in twin2cs)
## Example
CAID: 0500
SID LIST: 2009 200B.81 200C.81 200D 200E 200F 2010.81 2011.81 2012 2013 2014 201D 2020 2022 2024 2025 2027 2031.81 206D 206E 206F 2070 2071.81 2072.81​

Ghost 707
15-04-2014, 01:05
MultiCS r79
* reduced huge ram consumption.
* fixed huge CPU usage (removed multi-threaded part)
* fixed cahceex and free-cccam code.
* added SPARC and ALPHA targets.
thx evileyes

edit: there is a bug in this version with dynamic data allocation.
File removed

Thx evileyes

Ghost 707
23-04-2014, 02:34
MultiCS r80
* added option to check for via. ecm
* added option to enable/disable cache filter.
* added filter to check for incoming cw from servers/cache with previous stored cws.
* extended CACHE AUTOADD to enable/disable cache peers after adding them.
* restructured cache database for memory/cpu optimizations.
* new http option to download/show in browser some files from your server.
HTTP FILE: "/var/etc/multics.cfg", "/config" # url = http://server_ip/config​

tired of payservers and their constantly complaining, added anti-payservers module in cccam and mgcamd servers (the server will suspend if the number of clients watching the same channel reach 100)

thx evileyes

22-05-2014, 23:06
Multi CardServer r81
- Fixed cache bug.
- Fixed servers connections bug.
- Optimized Poll() data and ecm data.
- Optimized cacheex data and connections.
- Added cacheex mode 2
- Added option dcw swap and dcw halfnulled check for *** caids



- Added connection to camd35 servers

L: host port user pass { shares=caidid1&pid2&pid3; }

Thanks all for testing and replying feedbacks to improve this proxy, this is my lastpublic version of multics

thx evileyes

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