Free X TV adult channels change frequency on Hot Bird

23-12-2010, 16:10
Free X TV adult channels change frequency on Hot Bird

Free X TV, X Dream TV, French TV and XTSY Lover by Free X TV 2 are now in a different satellite transponder Hot Bird 6

These four channels with exclusive content for adult audiences are now present in the frequency 10 815 MHz-H (DVB-S, MPEG-2, SR 27500, FEC 5 / 6) coded systems under Viaccess and Irdeto conditional access.

In fact they are occupying the same frequency as the Red Hot Sex Cutro TV channels that disappear to adopt the names of Free X TV, X Dream TV, French TV and XTSY Lover by Free X TV 2.

The smart card holders pre-paid Red Hot Sex TV can still access the content of Free X TV channels, which in recent years have changed frequency several times on the Hot Bird.

03-01-2011, 16:54
Channels Free-X RedHot change frequency

Subscribers to Free-X TV has not yet had time to establish themselves in new media performance of its channels, and now awaits them another change. RRSat Global Communications Network acquired transponder used so far by the Network Teleport Italia, together with the German T-Systems. Already a few weeks ago informed about the gradual move her from there channels the other parameters. Now in their place RRSat transfers his services, probably to release another transponder.

Transmit by tp. 134 Hot Bird 6 (13.0E) with a frequency of 11.200 GHz, pol. V, SR 27500, FEC: 5/6.:

- Pro TV International (2001/3001/2001/4701)
- Al Fayhaa (271/272/271/4702)
- Mohabat TV (370/371/370/4703)
- CGN TV (2004/3004/2004/4704)
- Gali Kurdistan TV (2005/3005/2005/4705)
- MTA 3 Al Arabiyah (366/367/366/4706)
- Dieu TV (540/541/540/4707)
- X-ray TV Russian Travel Guide (2008/3008/2008/4708)
- IN TV (2009/3009/2009/4709)
- DIPRANE TV (2010/3010/2010/4710)
- Fuego (2011/3011/2011/4711, search also as EURSAT SID: 4720)
- PuntoSat (2012/3012/2012/4712, as a search MOONLIGHT TV SID: 4717 SAT and METRO SID: 4718)
- Tivu Tivu (2013/3013/2013/4713, as a search TIVU TIVU 2 SID: 4719)
- VenetoLink (2014/3014/2014/4714)
- Number One Channel (2015/3015/2015/4715, ID: VIDEOBERGAMO)
- Eurotic TV (412/413/412/4721)
- Free-X TV RedHot (460/461/460/4722; ID: Red Hot Sex 1)
- X-Dream TV RedHot (470/471/470/4723; ID: Red Hot Sex 2)
- French Lover TV RedHot (520/521/520/4724; ID: Red Hot Sex 3)
- XTSY RedHot (421/422/421/4725; ID: Red Hot Sex 4)
- Kliksat (340/341/340/4749, stayed with the broadcast channels here so far)

and stations:
- New Life Radio (-/3027/4027/4727)
- London Tamil Radio (-/378/378/4728)
- European Radio for Belarus (-/3029/3029/4729)
- Tamil (-/395/395/4730)
- Tamil Radio EU (-/401/401/4731)
- Radio Mojdeh (-/406/406/4732)
- London TBC (-/3033/3033/4733)

As you can see most of the websites comes from tp. 125 (11.013 GHz, pol. H, SR 27500, FEC: 3/4), so you may find that this frequency will soon take over another broadcaster or replaced there will be a set of broadcast channels ... The situation is so interesting that a few days ago, some channels from tp. 125 have already moved to other frequencies, as we reported at length in subsequent acquisitions will newsie transponders on 13E at the time and now appears on the tp. 134 were duplicated. It's hard not to get the impression that the operations have recently become more chaotic - it looks as though they did not know whether a week or two will still have a transponder and examples of this is more and more. Al Beladi recently moved from tp. 127 (11.054 GHz, pol. H, SR 27500, FEC: 5/6) at tp. 134, so a few days to make a reverse jump ...

Cardholders erotic Free-X TV and Sex RedHot should already getting ready for another change of parameters of communication, unless of course there will be some further changes, which is not excluded

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