ERR01: No CA Found

12-12-2010, 23:37

I accidently flashed an original gemini image on my DM800 clone and when rebooted I get the error: Err01: No CA Found.

I have searched quiet a lot and downloaded lots of tools and images, however no success.

I connected my DM800 to my laptop using USB to Serial.

I connected my DM800 to my desktop with built in serial.

In both cases Patched dreamup and running enforcer, is not able to see the DM800.

And when I ignore the fact that Dreamup is not connected and I try load a flash nfi file I get "file to big!"

Downloaded a number of bootloaders even bl69.. but no joy.

Mine is a sim201 with BL 76C.

1 - Read about the need to have a functioning box, connect
dreamup to it and then unplug and plug faulty one. However
no access to another DM800
2 - Read somewhere the gemini images cause this problem.
3 - And Somewhere someone mentioned needing a card.(do not
have one)

Been trying all day.. but no luck.

It was working fine just before the reimaging.

Any ideas on how I can sort this problem.

Thanks a lot.


12-12-2010, 23:42
Hi mate

You can try the patched Dreamup flashing agin but this time over your network with both null and ethernet cable connected like this.

In Dreamup choose your comp port and also tick the network box. In DreamUP fill in your PC's IP in local box then in remote IP box use the same rang as your PC uses but the end 2 digits should be 10


Your PC IP

Box IP will be as the 800 will default to this IP.

Now click connect on DreamUP and power on the 800 it will load the flash loader and show the box is in HTTP mode.

Now start your browser and enter the IP in to it like in the example

You should then see the normal webrowser flashing page, proceed to flash the image of your choice via browser as you normally would.


13-12-2010, 00:08
Thank Ferret.

I just tried your suggestion but still no luck.

Dreamup does not seem to be able to see the box :

Is there a certain time I should wait? I connected my DM to my main router.. (Previously I was using a bridge and had different LAN setup using 10.0... subnets.)

Also checked the router connected devices but it is not showing the DM as one.


13-12-2010, 00:15
Using this patched Dreamup

File (

13-12-2010, 00:18
do not switch the dreambox on or power it up until after you have clicked on connect in dreamup and you see that message connection prepared, now switch on the dreambox, when you see that message then insert the power cable and you should see the status bar fill up.

13-12-2010, 00:21
Just quick update:

Been going through the cabling stuff and just noticed I had bought a 9pin RS232 female to female Serial cable as opposed to 9Pin Null modem. :(

I did see both when I was at Maplins and do not know why I picked this one. They were on the same shelf...

13-12-2010, 09:00
Well at least you have found the problem mate good luck getting the box back up and running.


13-12-2010, 13:20
buddy change ur cable it seems cable issue

all the best

13-12-2010, 22:10
I exchanged my cable with a proper null modem one as oppsoed to serial cable which I had accidently picked.

My Box is back up and running.

I hope this will be of benefit to others experiencing similar issue.

Check your cables..

Thanks all.

16-12-2010, 19:33
be sure it is a null modem cable RS232

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