Season Interface & Fausto Emulator (FE) program on Dragon/T-Rex CAMs [and others eg Matrix/Diablo etc]

07-07-2010, 23:07
where do you get program an season interface

19-07-2010, 21:38
Program (Free, but if you can make a donation to the MASARE team at JKF Intersat & a donation here):

Season Interface (Aprox 20):
(And many other places, check with Creative Satellite if they currently have in stock)


20-07-2010, 22:37

is this ok?

or this:

are these the Season Interface's that will work with Fausto?

20-07-2010, 22:54
First one doesn't look quite right (although there are different models) if they are a reputable retailer and you tell them its for use with MASARE Teams Fausto program, make sure they will offer full refund if not right.

Second one hard to tell from the picuture there, looks right, but 8 Euro seems a real bargain!

If you still use the Dragon Loader Card on your CAMs and dont need the dummy card which comes with the CAS you can (with a little electronics knowledge) modify that into a Season Interface. ig0r and other members here at Sat Universe should be able to help you with that......

Good Luck


21-07-2010, 00:27
what about this one do you have any schematic?

30-07-2010, 19:36
Above thread created 30/7/10 by empb based on PM's between GREGIO and myself, as really I think it should be an open thread on the forums where everybody can chip in and help our friend GREGIO either buy a very cheap Season Interface at 8 Euro or help him make one from the dummy card which came with cas interface (an interesting project, but seen it done - picture below).

Built a Season interface using basic breadboard 74hc00 1x1n4148 Geranium Signal Diode and 1 10KOhm resistor and hard-wired this to a Cas Interface Dummy Card(Components Removed Beforehand). My problem is the 5Volts ?

Are you folk's using External 5V to power I/F or are you obtaining this from the Serial Port ?

The only reason for trying this is I couldn't get SSSP to work on 2 Different PC's with internal Serial Ports. I Tried different Baud rates on Both System managers in XP, and Also Disabled FIFO to see it would work, but to no Avail...
VCC on the Pad of the Card should be 5volts ?(From External Source?)

I Don't want to Blow up My 15 month Diablo 2.3 by sticking voltage where it shouldn't belong.

5volts are only required to power up the ic , nothing more than this.
So you could just take it from the vcc of the dummy card coming from the cam itself,
or you could use an external power supply with stabilised output ( like the usb chargers for iphones ) or you could just take the power from a free usb port on your pc.

Thank You snakie !

The in's and out's can be a bit confusing when yer out of the frost for a long time, I was not sure weather to power tha cam or circuit in order to establish communication like the old rs232 days,but with a little more patience, I will get this working eventually ! if only for the challenge..

the Bay was Very cheap to be fair on these item's but I cannot justify this at present time.

These are some quick photo's of the DIY Scrap Yard Scenario of a Basic Season Interface !
Please Note This circuit is NOT Provided with External 5 Volt Power Supply. These Circuit Diagrams were sourced from the vaults of Wisdom...

30-07-2010, 21:30
Im working on scemartic when im donbe i vill upload here

30-07-2010, 23:38
Guys i try help to you!

For this time make info and files for season!

30-07-2010, 23:43
istt this the sam ass shematic in sheet of paper?

30-07-2010, 23:49

main thing - MAX 232 (chip) :)

30-07-2010, 23:56
by the way 8 euro - real price for it :)

31-07-2010, 18:39
is it working witr usb com port

31-07-2010, 20:58
igor is in picture 2 need external power

26-08-2010, 02:26
Can some on tell me if this will work or not ?
Description given by Store
Season 2 PC Interface Logger - Test device for logging data between the PC and any ISO7816 compliant smart card reader. Deluxe version with built-in smart card readr. Passive type therefore no power supply unit required. Supplied with 9-Pin Serial Lead. Software applications found on the internet.

Not too many of these on sale here in Germany, any help would be great.


01-09-2010, 09:47
is this the same with NDX logger?

28-09-2010, 14:49
@alufennell. Think that one requires an external PSU. I think I've got one like that upstairs in my bits & bobs.

Edit (22/01/11): On checking the spare one I have is just a logger without external PSU, but if CAM can't read card then no inconing infos for log.....think this is why I put it away.....can't read my Sky Card, only my Gamma Card with it.

11-01-2011, 21:04
Received the following PM from diterpap:

hello!before one mounth i bye one season logger from germany after your message to my. i tryed fausto program with this equipment:dragon box with dragon cam predator 380,season loger 2,last diablo bin by empb as follow :open fausto prog,load the file bin under monitor,select irdeto emulation,select com 1,enter com params atr 9600 data bd 9600 parity none stop bit 1 data bit 8 delay 150,clic connect ,insert season card into cam,wait boot seq message:waiting for card season reset...nothing new.the face card is down(ok).but chanels bulsat irdeto don't open.i have season loger from germany.need power for this yes or no?best

Sent the following reply:

Baud Rate for Dragon / T-Rex CAMs is 7200* not 9600.
*TRex (Preadator/Predasaur)
Seca Emulation Baud Rate: 11520
Viaccess Emulation Baud Rate: 11520
Irdeto Emulation Baud Rate: 7200/11520 stopbits:1
Conax Emulation Baud Rate: 11520 stopbits:2

also you should not PM messages about individual problems so I have quoted your PM on the thread, so others who have it working can also help you.

Edit: And don't forget to select either a custom CAID on Fausto with 0604 as the second of 4 CAIDs or use Irdeto1 which has it second eg [0606, 0604, 0603, 0602] for Bulsat. If the Season Interface is already powered you should at least get something happening on Fausto to acknowledge the interface (start up sequence etc).

Hope you get it sorted. Its always a little tricky at first, but worth it once you get it working...............

19-01-2011, 19:40
after load the diablo fe bin and bigining the conection under ecm it shows :waiting numbers!at the bottom key and cw all zero.
diferent it shows in section dragon files (fausto jpg).right clic on fausto i have to tic from there?on utc i have to check the buton?i have lighting the season loger with usb 5 volt is ok or not?at my dragon module in receiver under debug irdeto it shows 1-orf no uthers(bulsat) etc.i have changing the bauds 11520.where is wrong?

19-01-2011, 20:00
This is what you should see (connection procedure), if you have the manual settings correct only incorrect COM setting or Faulty/Incorrect Season Interface (at first look of your problem) would be likely cause of problem:

Note: COM2 not relevant (But make sure you have the correct COM port selected otherwise nothing will happen). On my connection my Season Interface uses my 2nd RS232 port. CAS Studio the first, select which is relevant for your PC.

then display "Answer to Reset"

Once connected. Should see incoming ECM along bottom of Fausto display.

Note also to start with 7200 or 11520 in baud settings (depending on the type of Season)

22-01-2011, 11:37
Fausto Information and Guides (in reference to Season Interface and Dragon / T-Rex CAMs with Predator/Predasarus firmware)

With thanks to Saoud007 & The MASARE Team :thum:

29-01-2011, 22:49
I use rs 232 cable female-female with adaptor male-male to conect the season loger.Is ok or not?Can i test the season loger for atr in cas 3+?thank you.

07-02-2011, 09:18
rs 232 cable female-female with adaptor male-male

Would not have thought that would be ok. I use straigtforward male to male cable.

04-05-2011, 15:58
fauso Irdeto2 cards and season with inerface working? Do you have knowledge of?

11-05-2011, 01:13
Not tried any official I2 cards. Works ok (or worked until my Gamma died) with Gamma (0622/0604).

Reported ok with I2 cards (06XX). I use it with my Sky (0963) & Omnia (0500) cards at the moment.

15-11-2011, 16:45
Is season2 interface working without pc in dragon modul, Or working only connected pc with rs232 (in dragon)?

18-11-2011, 19:50
Yes this:

Or working only connected pc with rs232 (in dragon)?

Fausto is run from your PC. So Fausto only works with Dragon if you use Dragon CAM and Season Interface and PC/Fausto.

09-05-2014, 15:55
i need to hacke beinsport arabia 7w WITH this methode

09-05-2014, 17:06
gratulation for you

01-09-2014, 06:59
this is my first post for seeking a season interface setup.
hope some1 at this site can help.

01-09-2014, 08:02
What help do you need - the READ ME text files inside the Fausto install covers EVERYTHING.....

22-04-2015, 11:25
is this the same with NDX logger?

23-05-2015, 14:36
What is the program Fausto recommendations of the external?

01-11-2015, 18:03
ello, Fausto dont work with my seca card prov id 00331,003315 I used season emulator there is an atr but nothing else

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