NEW DBB 0.92 & multiboot for Qbox ONE

06-02-2010, 11:26
NEW DBB 0.76 & multiboot for Qbox ONE


The experience from Alcatraz firmware study, is now ported to the little of DUOLABS, qbox-one. It therefore takes the carachteristics and funcionality of Enigma1 DBB image. Not all perhaps, but this does not reduce the usability and performance that mark qbox-one among other enigma1 based decoders. Other important aspects as usb hardware detachment are to be explored together with tuning of what is already on board...... so consider the firmware in beta state.
Thanks to:


1 x blue dbb panel
2 x yellow internet addons
2 x green card entitlements

- Refer to Alcatraz discussions for security related aspects
- For multiboot and other utility the "Q" version of jIM is available to enjoy and modify your firmware without pain!

06-02-2010, 11:29
Introducing jIMQ - the Java Image Manager for QBOXONE

The DBB (insane) team is pleased to introduce the first edition of jIMQ (cross platform java image manager) for Duolabs QBOX ONE).

jIMQ has been written in Java: this means that jIMQ can run on all Operating Systems, as Windows (all flavours), Linux (all shapes) and even on Mac OS.

The minimum java runtime version required is 5

Fist of all, complete the "configuration" page as required, don't forget to thick the "I accept" disclaimer checkbox in order to enabled jIMQ, otherwise no operation will be performed by jIMQ.

All kind of install/backup/restore is handled by jIMQ. Flash install is not supported. BootMenue is used for multiboot support.
Image install will be performed according to your active bootmanager (if any); jIMQ has native support for BootMenue (modified version for qboxone).

Apart from images install/backup/restore jIMQ performs variuous operarations on Multiboot images: see for yourself in the Control Panel.

thank you!

The DBB (insane) team

12-06-2010, 13:40

!!! ALCATRAZ !!! updated !!!

- added the possibility to associate a satellite orbital position to a terrestrial scan (to avoid rotor turning to xml last satellite on zapping from
sat to terrestrial in rotor based systems). we could have more terrestrial bouquets with more associated sats.
- network starter/rcS script changed
- better managing for network interfaces, view HW address button added, up/down button for cable interface
- wifi encryption ke*s setting fixed
- wifi panel minor fixes
- usbserial drivers manager panel (system->devices)
- usb serial kernel module added (for testing smargo readers)
- pcsc drivers as downloadable addon (plugins) (for testing pcsc readers)
- upper reader tension setting added (emumanager)
- entitlements reading for all os*am readers (only for last versions of DBB os*am) (enigma 2xgreen)
- last epg download date view (epgcenter)
- other minor changes


Note: always beta firmware, you can test on multiboot before installing to flash.

Gracias a lullilully

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